Message from our President

Hello Members,
The memos from the board regarding the new directives announced by the government are being sent to members via your work email.
The specialized classrooms are not expected to start up until Monday, administration is gathering info and the special education department is making the arrangements. Hopefully with this delay the N95 masks will be available, they were shipped yesterday so praying they are in before the end of the week for distribution. We have also asked that rapid tests be available to the special education staff who will be returning to work next week, we do not have an answer yet we will communicate when we do.
Afternoon custodial staff will continue working afternoons, the board is concerned about increasing numbers and is wanting to keep things status quo as this is a timed shut down. We were able to get a commitment to look at it again if the shut down is extended.
The board does not have the memo from the government confirming in writing what was verbally shared in the conference call, this may have an impact if there are changes when the memo arrives.
If you have specific concerns please speak with your administration or supervisor, if you are not able to come to a resolution, please let us know. We will continue to have ongoing meetings with the board regarding concerns as we move forward.
Thank you for your continued professionalism in these very challenging and unprecedented times.
OSBCU has not been able to get any information from the government at the time of this email, as our practice if we receive any information, we will send it out.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Praying all of you remain safe,
Trudy Scott
CUPE Local 4154


We are watching the announcement as it is happening.
We are awaiting official documentation but what we know is that schools will be closed to in person learning for two weeks. Special education will continue in person. Emergency childcare will be available for free for education workers who are required to be onsite.
We have so many questions as we’re sure you do as well. Once we have info we will share.


Never doubt the power of using your voice…. It may not come to pass but the fact that they are hesitating speaks volumes. Keep going l! Keep calling your trustees and MPPs


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There are many who are calling on the union to do something. The union is all of its members. So we want to open it up here. What is it that you would like to see done
A couple of caveats
– taking the government to court is not going to see a quick remedy. We are still waiting for our day in court over Bill 124
– work refusals are absolutely an option. They must be done by members and cannot be directed by the union either locally or provincially- plus side legally employer is not allowed to discipline you for a work refusal and there is no loss of pay
– walk out – would be deemed as an illegal strike – members would not be paid and would face possible discipline
That being said let’s have a conversation- what do you want to see, how will it be accomplished and what are you willing to do. The OSBCU has always prided ourselves in our transparency and member engagement- let us know

News from OSBCU

We are hearing from many local leaders that they have been informed by employers that non-fitter N95 masks will be provided in January!
We have reached out to the Ministry for more details but this is great news.
1) all of our collective efforts advocating for safer working conditions are working
2) it appears that the Ministry acknowledges that this virus is airborne!
Let’s continue the pressure! We need rapid testing for all, paid sick days for all and more

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