There are many who are calling on the union to do something. The union is all of its members. So we want to open it up here. What is it that you would like to see done
A couple of caveats
– taking the government to court is not going to see a quick remedy. We are still waiting for our day in court over Bill 124
– work refusals are absolutely an option. They must be done by members and cannot be directed by the union either locally or provincially- plus side legally employer is not allowed to discipline you for a work refusal and there is no loss of pay
– walk out – would be deemed as an illegal strike – members would not be paid and would face possible discipline
That being said let’s have a conversation- what do you want to see, how will it be accomplished and what are you willing to do. The OSBCU has always prided ourselves in our transparency and member engagement- let us know